Boynton Health Branding

In 2016, the name Boynton Health Service was changed to Boynton Health. This change was made in order to reflect that Boynton Health is not simply a provider of services, but instead is a national leader in providing evidenced based clinical care and campus health promotion. This new name required a new logo and with that a supporting brand guideline. However, despite housing over 10 different clinics (dental, eye, mental health, massage, etc.), Boynton Health Service had never before had a guideline to maintain brand consistency. I created the Boynton Health Brand Guide to outline not only the directions for maintaining brand consistency, but also to connect Boynton Health to the University of Minnesota master brand. This guide outlines brand rules for the wordmark and usage and type and color, and includes specific information for clinic brochures and apparel embroidery. For an organization like Boynton Health which is an umbrella for nearly a dozen services, this was quite the undertaking, but the final product was extremely rewarding.

Brand Guidelines
3.6" x 8.5" Trifold clinic brochure
3.6" x 8.5" Trifold clinic brochure
Various 3.5" x 2" clinic cards
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